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Merry Moodle-mas

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Merry Moodle-mas
by kai taylor - Tuesday, 16 December 2014, 12:12 PM

​Hey Campbell River DLers

We might be mopping up flood waters or shoveling snow (not sure which is more fun) this winter, but, one way or another Christmas Break is coming (me counting the days.....never!)

I hope that you will take some time for down time this break.  But if you are itching to (or you really need to) complete your course work, all the courses and online video lessons will be available to you. Your teachers will be taking a well deserved break, and will not be available to mark your work and respond to questions. If you do continue ahead be sure to send them a note, be patient, and allow time for them to catch up to you in January.

Enjoy the season and I will catch you in the new year.