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Spam Alert
by kai taylor - Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 1:31 PM

If you are old like me Spam is some kind of weird meat product that you used a little key to open up (that was always the cool part, til you cut yourself on the sharp metal)

I digress. Some of you may not be getting your emails in a timely manner......this is why. 

SD72 has been put on the black list as a spammer by several hosts as a result of successful phishing attempts (yahoo, hotmail to name a few) SO you may have to look in your SPAM folder to find correspondence that came from your teacher, as they will have sd72 in the address and get caught (careful don't cut yourself!)

Until SD72 can get back in the good books this hassle will persist.

Man things were easier back in the day, fishing was fishing and spam was just gross.