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Welcome Back

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Welcome Back
by kai taylor - Tuesday, 13 September 2016, 5:17 PM

Hey All you moodlers in moodle land.

Welcome back to another great year, thanks for all your patience with weird server changes and teacher changes. I am hoping to have everyone in their groups with their teachers by the end of the week. You all will get a welcome email (assuming you gave me an email that works!!!)

To start this year's trivial pursuits (aka.....distraction from actually doing your course work).......

"what can you hold in your right hand that you can't hold in your left hand"........ *

First three correct responses will go into the big prize draw at the end of the month...BIg prizes! HUGE prizes!

Have a great year and be sure to let us know what things we can do to improve moodle mania in the Riv.


*this weeks question supplied by Continuing Education....